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Read What People Are Saying About Kicki Hjortmarker

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I wanted to thank you for jobs well done: The last time I came to you was about a month ago. I had severe pain down my right leg and I couldn't sleep at night. After you had worked on me the pain was reduced by 90%. It doesn't keep me awake at night anymore. Thank you so much for your wonderful work: This is your calling!



Cherry Divinity

El Segundo

Kicki is INCREDIBLE. When I came to see her my back was in agony. She worked wonders and I left feeling much better. It's been two weeks, now and the pain has not returned. The massage I received was therapeutic, rather than relaxing. Kicki identified that I had issues on the right side of my back that was causing additional problems. She spent the majority of the session working on my right side, manipulating the deep tissue. I will admit, it hurt quite a bit, at times. She will of course modify the pressure to your liking, but I wanted her to work out all the knots and kinks, so I tolerated the discomfort and was very happy with the results. I've had massaged at high end spas and resorts for many years, but Kicki is the best therapist I've ever experienced.



Playa del Rey

Kicki has worked on me for different reasons. I’ve always been an athlete and have injuries, along with accident related ones. Her massage techniques are amazing, and what I appreciate the most is her intuitive knowledge. She’s also treated me with Cranio Sacral work with combination Reiki. She was great a few years ago when I first went to her, and now that she’s furthered herself in the next level Reiki - she’s really taken herself to the next level all around! I highly recommend her! 


Osa Sjoberg

Culver City

I am so grateful for Kicki's intuitive and skillful massage work, with which she has been easing, and almost erasing, my pain in my neck and the sense of general imbalance during the weeks following my rotator cuff surgery this summer. The persistence of the pain was impeding my ability to relax and heal. Kicki, based on her knowledge of anatomy, tendons, and muscles, specifically addressed the areas that made all the difference in my recovery.

She imbues and naturally creates an atmosphere of health and calmness by her professionalism and presence. The benefits of such a quality massage are priceless.


Jeanne Mays

Fine Arts teacher, Westchester

Kicki is the first and only therapist to identify the primary cause of my chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain. In my case, the culprits were self inflicted and recurring due to incorrect stretching and exercises. Kicki was kind to demonstrate the correct form and technique and to offer practical advice to revise my daily stretching/exercise routine. To address the trio of pain trouble spots, she employed the use of Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), deep tissue and trigger point work over the course of five 90 minute sessions. This combination of healing modalities was very effective in providing me with a noticeable and significant amount of pain relief that has restored my feelings of well being. Additionally, I tried her wonderful Esalen inspired Swedish full body massage. Kicki is one of the few select competent therapists that I can highly recommend to address most chronic pain conditions.

Peace & Gratitude,

Dexter Yarza


It is so wonderful to come to Kicki and get a massage. I live in Pasadena but I still drive to see Kicki in Playa del Rey because she is the best Massage Therapist I know. I feel relaxed just coming to her serene office. I'm a Physical Therapist and I have a lot of knowledge of muscles and joints: I can tell that Kicki really knows what she's doing. My neck and shoulders always feel amazing when I leave her. I feel rejuvenated and relaxed, and it feels like I just had a little one hour vacation.

Terry Toufani

Physical Therapist, Pasadena

I have been plagued with a "bad" back with what seems like forever and have tried multiple therapies over many years. I was lucky to meet Kicki about three years ago. She has worked with me to help my problems using massage, stretching and Cranio Sacral therapy. I am pleased to say that after three sessions I was and continue to remain very much improved. I now also train Pilates with her. I consider Kicki a true find. She is now a good friend who clearly cares about her clients and is a highly skilled professional. I continue to see her regularly.

Stuart Simon

Business owner, Venice

Kicki has provided nutritional counseling and massage therapy for me. In terms of energy and weightloss, when I actually stuck to her advice, I lost weight without hunger and too much planning. I also noticed an increase in energy. Being a busy mom of twin boys, I often feel I don't have time to do any elaborate meal plans, so Kicki's counseling was very valuable. She showed me how one key nutrient was missing, and when adding that, it made a huge difference. It was something of which I thought I was getting plenty. I've also had her integrative massage combination of Swedish, deep tissue, and neuromuscular therapies and I have always come away feeling much better. Being a massage therapist myself I can say she really knows what she is doing. I am also in some areas really tender and in others I prefer a deep pressure, and Kicki is able to handle my idiosynchracies with care and humor. She is a very caring individual and and she really does care for each one of her clients and friends which is rare. I would highly recommend Kicki.


Kerry Carnahan

Massage Therapist, Mom, Actress/Vocalist

The most impressive part of my sessions with Kicki is how relaxed I immediately felt in her presence. Her massage room, with its' meditative music and mild incense, was both welcoming and soothing to the senses. Her easy demeanor and positive attitude made me feel comfortable and ready to receive her extra-ordinary treatment. She has a healing touch with excellent technique. By the end of the massages, I had experienced a physical and emotional transformation, reaching a level of deep relaxation I had not believed possible before.

Gene Ketcherside

Actor/Editor, Venice

Kicki is the most caring and skilled Massage Therapist I've come across. I have a condition called Fibromyalgia which makes me at many times very sore and tense. Skillfully Kicki finds my knots and treats them. I feel so much better after her massage. In the beginning when I saw her I was very tender and couldn't take much pressure; Kicki was very understanding and worked slowly and patiently 'til I finally could take more pressure.

Barbara Bohan

Santa Monica

My job as a carpenter involves intense stress on the body. As a result of the physical demands on the job my muscles and joints get really sore. My massages with Kicki alleviates the pain and allows me to keep working. I like a really strong and deep massage and Kicki is the best fixing me up: She's really strong!

Keith Oslander

Carpenter, Silverlake

When I was working graveyard shifts as a caretaker my lower back slowly got worse and finally I was in a lot of pain. I was referred to Kicki by a friend. After she had given me a massage only once the pain was gone! I couldn't believe it. I was really surprised and grateful that my friend told me about her. Go see Kicki! She is the best!

David Alomatsi

Nurse, Silverlake

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