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Cranio Sacral Therapy

Non invasive Therapy for the whole body and Nervous system

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a hands on, non-invasive, light touch therapy. With specific hand placements, techniques, intention, and direction of energy, the therapist can facilitate healing.

The changes are subtle and the patient will usually feel very relaxed and calm after a treatment. With CST the therapist will use both intuition, science and knowledge of anatomy and can help the patient’s body and mind dive deep into tissue memory.

Tissue memory can be life long; it might have been stored and buried for a long time; and, now it might be wrecking a havoc on the body with discomfort and pain for seemingly no reason. CST can help the nervous system to calm down.

People with stressed nerves and a hyper active nervous system often respond very well to treatment. CST can help normalize the subtle movements of the Craniosacral system, the cerebrospinal fluid, the cranial and facial bones, and make sure that everything work in synchrony within the body. In a treatment the therapist will palpate the Craniosacral rhythm to get information on where attention is needed.

More than often, the therapist is “pulled into” the body to start working in a specific area. Frequently, it is a different place than the area of pain. Sometimes this confuses the client, and he or she will explain that the pain is in a different place than where the therapist is working. It’s however important that the therapist follow the signals of the body in order for a release and healing to take place.

A CST therapist will work on:

  • Mobilizing facia

  • Release energy cysts

  • Open up membranes that have gotten sticky and glued together

  • Synchronizing paired cranial bones

  • Mobilizing frozen tissues, etc.

CST is a form of therapy where body, mind, and spirit may be equally involved. It really is a full person treatment.

The client may be clothed during the treatment.

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